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Inspiration Activation weaves contemplative cultural travel with powerful Self-embodiment practices to guide you back into alignment with your intrinsic wisdom. It is our mission to bring people accessible, deep meaningful experiences.

We believe that taking time to retreat inwards provides the clarity which empowers one to create their ideal life.

Every single person deserves rest, creativity, exploration & joy in their life.


By creating safe nonjudgmental spaces dedicated to Self-exploration and growth,

we are building a community,

and thus changing the world.

If you feel that our mission is in alignment with yours, we would love to present to you these specific opportunities for collaboration.

Please click on the option that best describes what brought you here and fill out the following form so that we can can get a clear idea of how it would be most ideal for us to work together. 

In our dedication to support underprivileged & marginalized people, & make our events accessible to everyone, 3% of our profits are directed towards organizations that serve underprivileged / marginalized communities near the locations we visit. To suggest an organization email us here.

We also welcome applicants to our scholarship program, which is also funded with 3% of our profits. Click here to apply, or help sponsor this experience for someone else!

We also invest 3% of our profits into our land fund, so that we may one day build our own retreat oasis.. We are infinitely grateful for this co-creation & look forward to sharing space with you for many years to come.

Space Holder / Collaborator:

I have a gift, skill or talent I would like to offer in exchange for receiving mentorship & experience facilitating others through transformational experiences.

Scholarship Supporter:

I would like to help give the retreat experience to someone that would otherwise be unable to afford to attend.

WorkStudy / Scholarship Recipient:

I feel like this retreat is a perfect fit for me & the only thing holding me back is finances. I would love to lend a hand in exchange for a discount. 

Local Give-Back Supporter:

I am passionate about cultural travel but recognize the negative impacts of tourism & want to do my part in supporting the local people & places Inspiration Activation visits.

Email us directly to connect.

Permaculture Retreat Center Investor:

I am passionate about providing support for Inspiration Activation's long term goal of building a sustainable sanctuary to share community, host events, and spend long days in the garden together.

Email us directly to connect.

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