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immersive retreat experiences


Retreat to realign with your intrinsic self

explore movement as medicine

As passionate travelers, we believe deeply in the power of exploring new environments and being immersed in different cultures. We have found that by regularly allowing ourselves time to unplug from our societal routines, we more naturally drop into ways of being that are healthy and supportive to us as individuals, in turn evolving our relationships & how we interact in the world.

Retreats are often co-facilitated with other teachers, giving the potential for a wide variety of tools + experiences offered. We invite you to step out of your comfort zone, and into a space of infinite possibility and transformation, while also taking plenty of time for relaxing, integrating our experience & honoring one another's personal process.

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YOU choose dates!

Book a private retreat for yourself or your own small group.

Book a session, enjoy a getaway... the options are endless!


Next Dates TBA

Join us deep in the Maya Mountains where we will dive deep into the land & ourSelves.


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Sept 8-10th, 2023

Women Only!

Join Shenee for a Breathwork Journey designed specifically for women + those who identify as a woman. Her workshop will be a small part in a weekend long retreat hosted by Sara Clover.


Next Dates TBA

Join us in the Pacific Northwest for Breathwork in the Redwoods, Yoga at the beach, a stay in some magical treehouses & more!


Next Dates TBA

Join us at this jungle meets ocean property for the experience of a lifetime! 

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Doe Bay | Washington

Dates TBA

Are you excited about this location? Shoot me an email & let me know your ideal dates!

All Inspiration Activation retreats & workshops welcome all people regardless of your gender, race, religion or beliefs.  All experience levels welcome.

All activities are optional & your level of participation will always be in your control. If you have any limitations or concerns, please let us know how we can best support you to make this experience as accessible as possible.

All activities subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Testimonials from our 2019 winter retreat in belize

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