Conscious Connected Breathing

To be inspired is to become expansive, to inhale divine influence: creativity and flowstate

Conscious Connected Breathing, often referred to as Transformational Breathwork, is a powerful tool for readjusting the lens through which you are experiencing your life and bringing you back into alignment with your most truest self.

This active guided meditation uses an open, deep circular breathing pattern to energize your entire being, increasing your clarity and vitality. Breathwork is an integrative practice which affects the physical, mental and emotional bodies, returning your entire being to its natural state of self healing and harmony. Other benefits of Breathwork include improved immune functioning, release of toxins, easier focus and concentration, release of stored trauma, elimination of habits, ability to self regulate under strong emotional states, deeper meditation and inner peace.

In response to Covid_19 we are facilitating an online virtual retreat experience, including the workshops listed below.

April 1st - 14th all Group Breathwork sessions will be offered at a pay-as-you-feel-comfortable basis.

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~ Please read all info below before registering! ~


Registration closes 1hr before the workshop begins. Please download to participate. One hour before the workshop begins you will receive the log in info to your email. Please check your spam box; you may need to add our address to your contacts to prevent this. Please email immediately if you need help logging in :)


Please prepare a comfortable uninterrupted quiet space (headphones are ideal), your water bottle, journal and cozy items for laying down flat on your back: yoga mat, blankets, eye covering, a pillow for under your knees to support your lower back & a pillow to scream into if you feel emotional. Dress comfortably, preferably without constrictive clothes around the abdomen or chest. It is recommended to not eat super heavily right before a deep breathing session and to not schedule anything super stressful directly afterwards.


These 2hr workshops will include self-reflective journaling prompts, preparatory exercises, 45m of connected breathing accompanied by activating music, neuro-linguistic programming (repetition of affirmations), optional vocal toning (expressed sound), a short integration meditation, followed by an opportunity to share; you may choose to join the group conversation or remain anonymous. During the active Breathwork portion, you will be asked to position your camera to show your torso. 

Each Breathwork Journey is completely unique and distinctively transforming. Many people experience an altered state of consciousness where access to the subconscious occurs, allowing for release of creative blocks and undesired patterns in the nervous system. Participants often report experiencing an energetic rebirthing that leaves them with less anxiety, more clarity, better sleep and feeling more in touch with their true purpose.​​

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