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journey into Self embodiment

open your breath

as a tool for transformation



movement as medicine

awaken dormant creativity

activate the inspiration that lies within

Breathwork, Yoga, YouniversalFlow Dance,

Vibrational Sound Therapy & Ideal Life Design

Adventure with us to beautiful locations for the ultimate reset and renewal experience.

Realign with your intrinsic Self.

Book a private session,

bring us to your festival,

corporate team-building event, 

or create your own personal overnight retreat 

The Experience

When you are inspired, your breath becomes full and expansive.

Your heart becomes activated.

Your body and mind move into flow.

You become creativity.

Inspiration Activation weaves together many powerful Self-embodiment practices to guide you into alignment with your intrinsic wisdom. This journey of breathwork, movement, intention & sound often blends guided ideal life design journaling, artistic expression, ritual & ceremony into our immersions to deepen both your connection to Self, as well as with the community. We have seen that taking time to retreat regularly provides clarity, contentment and peace. Whether you join us for a workshop in the city or an international weeklong excursion in the jungle, it is our mission to provide you a safe welcoming sacred sanctuary for your Self exploration and growth.

Our Story

Inspiration Activation was born in 2018 as way to integrate our teachings and passions in a deep yet playful way for those ready to show up for their own Self growth and expansion. 

Both former graduates of The Healing Arts Center of St. Louis, Shenee Alexa & Sara Catlett are devote self-seekers and passionate travelers. We have found that stepping away from our typical routines reminds us of who we actually are

and how we intend to be living. 

We invite you beyond your comfort zone, into the space of transformation and empowerment. 


We intuitively design unique experiences while facilitating a safe nonjudgmental space for peoples of all skill levels, backgrounds and beliefs to allow your deepest expressions of truth and creativity to come forth as you align with your intrinsic Self.

We see the potential in each person to be joyfully fulfilling their passion and it is an honor to be your guide and witness.

Whether you are deeply immersed in your spiritual journey

or just trying to find your path,

we are here to support you.

Learn more about the modalities we facilitate by clicking here.

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Our Vision

Let's Connect

We want you to feel confident and comfortable stepping forward.

 Let us know how we can help.