an experiential journey into Self-embodiment                        
           through breathwork,  movement, intention & sound

Inspiration Activation weaves together many powerful practices to guide your whole being into alignment in order to restore your creativity, vitality & joy. We address the health of your mind, body, heart & spirit, as well as your relationship to your environment & your community. We aim to create the space for deep transformational work to occur in a fun, welcoming & enjoyable way.

With Breathwork as our foundational offering, we host virtual & in-person sessions, workshops, programs & retreats for both groups & private individuals. We uniquely curate each experience for those present & often include many integrative tools such as movement, mindfulness, self-inquiry, guided journaling, lifestyle design, sound healing, ritual & ceremony.

We are dedicated to facilitating a safe nonjudgmental space for all people, regardless of gender identity,

race, beliefs or skill level. We invite you to allow your deepest expression of truth & creativity to come forth.

Whether you are deeply immersed in your embodied journey or just trying to find your path,

you are welcome.

In addition to regularly serving the communities of St. Louis MO, Metro East IL, Southern Oregon & the places in between, we host annually in the tropics of Central America & love traveling to find places new places to be inspired by!

Let us know where you would like us to visit next!

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open your breath as a tool for transformation

​The foundational practice of the Inspiration Activation experience is a technique referred to as "conscious connected breathing". This is an active guided meditation that uses an open, deep, circular breathing pattern to energize your entire being, while you are laying on your back. This is an integrative therapy which affects all aspects of your being, returning you to your most natural state of self healing and harmony.​ 

Each session is completely unique & distinctively transforming, thus we often call this process a Breathwork "journey". Many people experience an altered state of consciousness where access to the subconscious occurs, allowing for release of creative blocks and undesired patterns in the nervous system. Participants often report experiencing an energetic rebirthing that leaves them with less anxiety, more clarity, better sleep and feeling more in touch with their life's purpose.​​

Other benefits of Breathwork include improved immune functioning, release of toxins, easier focus and concentration, release of stored trauma, elimination of habits, ability to self regulate under strong emotional states, deeper meditation and inner peace.

Your breath is your life force, therefore the quality of your breath directly relates to the quality of your life. Breathwork is a powerful tool for readjusting the lens through which you are experiencing your life and bringing you back into alignment with your truest Self.

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Immersive Retreats:

explore movement as medicine

As passionate travelers, we believe deeply in the power of exploring new environments and being immersed in different cultures.

We have found that by allowing ourselves regular time to unplug from our societal routines, we more naturally drop into ways of being that are healthy and supportive to us as individuals, in turn evolving our relationships & how we interact in the world.

Our multi-day retreats are an opportunity to be immersed in many deep transformative practices within supportive community.

We go deep into self-work & spirituality, while having tons of fun together! We laugh, we cry, we listen, we share.

We also take plenty of time for relaxing, integrating our experience & honoring one another's personal process.

We invite you to step out of your comfort zone, and into a space of infinite possibility and transformation!

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Coaching & Mentorship Programs

allow yourself to be fully supported 

Our programs are for you if:

- you are ready to step into the life you've always dreamed of

- you are feeling stagnant & know that you have untapped creativity waiting to emerge

- you are willing to do an honest inventory of what's not working for you in your life right now

- you are willing to do the work necessary to initiate change & transformation

Inspiration Activation programs combine the benefits of a group course with private sessions. You will receive both deeply personal attention, as well as supportive community as you deep dive into all the areas of life that are important to you & how you relate to each one of them. You will receive homework & check-ins to keep you accountable with accomplishing your goals, as well as connection with other's who are on their own Self-exploration journey.


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awaken dormant creativity

Launching soon, many of our workshops, programs & retreats will include access to a supportive online network for those who are in a similar process of Self-discovery.

This is a private container, safe from ads & algorithms, to deepen our level of connection with one another.

This members-only page will include:

a place to converse with like-minded individuals

meditations & practices to support you between workshops

a place to stay in touch with those you met on retreat

private groups for coaching & mentorship

access to both live & recorded content

advanced workshops & classes

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Our Vision


The breath work class I was a part of was amazing! Shenee is a great instructor. It was a very welcoming and inclusive class. Whether you’re new to breath work, which I am, or someone who’s been practicing for years, there is no judgment and seems like anyone could get something positive from it.


I felt knots untangled and weights lifted! Definitely a driving force to want to keep up with the practice!"


Thank you again, Shenee!! 

Sending back lots of love.

—  Eric, Portland, OR

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