Shenee Alexa is a Massage Therapist,

Breathwork Facilitator,

Usui Reiki Master, 

Pranic Healer,

Youth & Family Mindfulness Educator, Lifestyle Design Coach 

& Permaculture Design Consultant

Available Modalities & Activities:

Hatha or Restorative Yoga

Transformational Breathwork

Intro to Breathwork

YOUniversalFLOW Dance

Mindfulness Meditation

Youth / Family Mindfulness 

Women's Ceremony Facilitation

Reiki Energy Sessions or Group Share

Vibrational Sound Therapy 

Lifestyle Design Coaching

Ayurvedic Coaching 

Massage Therapy 

Thai Bodywork

Pranic Healing

Reiki Energy

Intro to Permaculture

Intro to Edible Gardening

Corporate Team Building

Sara Catlett is a Yoga Teacher,

YOUniversalFLOW Dance Facilitator, 

Thai Bodyworker,

Women's Ceremony Facilitator, Meditation Musician, 

Ayurvedic Coach 

& Owner of Inner Alchemy CBD. 

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