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So much more than a luxury, massage prevents the buildup of stress + tension, stimulates circulation, improves sleep, reduces fatigue + nourishes the immune system.

I provide a mobile massage service to individuals in their homes, as part of regularly scheduled wellness care, or as an addition to special occasions such as events or retreats.


New or non-active clients: My schedule prioritizes those enrolled in multi-session programs, therefore often has a waitlist period of 30-60 days.

Please email your appointment requests to

Individual Sessions:

Therapeutic Massage // 90min $122 // 2hrs $144

A customized blend of relaxation techniques, acupressure, myofacial release, trigger point therapy + deep touch techniques. Aromatherapy + Hypervolt Therapy included at no extra cost. Topical CBD avaliable upon request.

Massage + Energywork // 2hrs $177

Just as you cleanse your physical body, it's important to cleanse your energy body of negatively charged pollutants that may be causing issues. Using Reiki +/or Pranic Healing, we will clear congested areas of your energy field + open the flow of stuck energy before, during + after your massage. This is particularly helpful for those who feel like the same issue is lingering even after addressing it.

Massage + Breathwork // 3hrs $222

Release built up tension + give yourself more time to set your intentions or integrate your experience by pairing a relaxation style massage with your breathwork session. This is particularly helpful for those who have difficulty relaxing during breathwork, or for those seeking to release tightness, pain or stress.

Group Bookings:

This option is for those seeking to receive multiple sessions within the same appointment time.

Great for families, friends, events or as a part of a "Create Your Own Retreat" package. 

Two 75min Table Massages $211

Two 90min or Three 60min Table Massages $233

Four 20min or Six 15min Chair Massages $111


Two 75min Massages + Breathwork for 2 $377

Please Note:

Please note that additional time will be included for set-up & consultation. 

If additional travel costs are required, this will be discussed at the time of booking. 


Let's Connect

Message me including what type of session you are interested in & your best availability, or feel free to ask me any question you may have.

Thanks for reaching out!

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