I am Shenee Alexa Booth. I take an integrative approach to wellness, encouraging you to consider your physical, mental & emotional states, as well as the quality of your breath & your relationship to your environment.

Do to the Covid_19 situation I am currently not booking any in-person appointments. However,

Breathwork, Reiki & Pranic Healing may all be booked as distant video sessions

at a pay-what-you-are-comfortable rate until mid-April.

If you still have an income please consider 'paying forward' an amount that may help cover

someone who has lost their income. 

Massage Therapy Gift Certificates are available to be booked at a later date. 


Please email me directly here

Pranic Healing Treatment

Cleanses the body's electromagnetic field (also known as our aura) and energizes your chakras (energy centers) to harmonize your whole being & improve energy flow.

Reiki Energy Treatment

Channels universal life energy into the body to activate the natural healing process and restore physical, mental and emotional equilibrium.

Breathwork Session

Conscious Connected Breathing: Often referred to as Transformational Breathwork, is a powerful tool for readjusting the lens through which you are experiencing your life and bringing back alignment with your intrinsic wisdom. This active guided meditation uses an open, deep circular breathing pattern to energize your entire being, release toxins and increase your immunity and vitality.

Let's Connect

Message me including what type of session you are interested in & your best availability, or feel free to ask me any question you may have.

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