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I am Shenee Alexa Booth. I take an integrative approach to wellness, encouraging you to consider your physical, mental & emotional states, as well as the quality of your breath & your relationship to your environment.

To maximize your experience & facilitate healing, all sessions are performed on an earthing mat 

& include optional aromatherapy with high quality essential oils. 

Please Note: my booking calendar is closed, but I AM happily booking clients privately. Please review the choices below, choose your desired session & then reach out to me directly to set up your appointment time & location! I am currently serving St. Louis & the metro area.


To provide you a no-contract benefit program, 

when you rebook within 30 days you will receive a $10 discount.

I also gift $10 off all sessions when you are buying a gift certificate for someone else.

*Receive a 90m session of your choice every month for just $86 when you sign up for auto-pay*


Much more than a luxury, massage prevents the buildup of stress and tension, stimulates circulation, improves sleep, reduces fatigue and nourishes the immune system.


Relaxation Massage is a combination of long gliding strokes of gentle to medium pressure, kneading movements and tapping that stimulate circulation while easing tension & promoting total relaxation.   





Integrative Deep Touch blends relaxation, deep touch, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, acupressure & percussion therapy to relieve chronic tension or pain and restore range of motion.   





Relaxation Massage + Energy Harmonizing begins with 15m of Pranic Healing to cleanse the energy body, followed by 60m of slow gliding strokes  & kneading movements of gentle to medium pressure followed by 15m Reiki Treatment.


*Add 15m of Reiki or Pranic Healing to any session for $20

energy therapy

Just as you cleanse your physical body, it is important to cleanse your energy body

of negatively charged pollutants and congestion that may be causing difficulty alleviating discomfort & dis-ease with other treatments.

anne reiki lake.jpeg

Reiki Treatment: The holding of hand positions while channeling energy into the body, to activate the natural healing processes and restore physical, mental and emotional equilibrium. Reiki can be performed with or without touch and without removal of any clothing. $70/60m

Pranic Healing Treatment:  This "no touch" therapy involves sweeping the body's electromagnetic field (also known as our aura) and cleansing and energizing your chakras (energy centers) to harmonize your energy body & improve energy flow.


Pranic Psychotherapy Treatment:  In addition to the protocol typically used during a Pranic Healing Treatment, this session focuses on isolating and removing the mental or emotional tendencies in the energy body that are weighing you down, blocking your flow or causing physical ailments to manifest.  


**Interested in becoming a practitioner? Email me at to learn how.



Our breath is truly our life-force. 

A constricted strained breath results in a restricted strained life. 

An open full easy breath results in an open full easy life.

Conscious Connected Breathing, often referred to as Transformational or Integrative Breathwork, is a powerful tool for readjusting the lens through which you are experiencing your life. This active guided meditation uses an open, deep connected breathing pattern to energize your entire being, releasing toxins and increasing vitality. Breathwork is an integrative practice which affects the physical, mental and emotional bodies, returning your entire being to its natural state of self healing and harmony.


Personal 1:1 sessions are 90m in length & include consultation, preparatory exercises, 45m of connected breathing & a short integration meditation. The connected breathing process is 45m in length, accompanied by activating music & may include acupressure (physical touch), neuro-linguistic programming (positive affirmations) or vocal toning (sound) to release stagnant energy, muscular tension & emotional baggage.

Each Breathwork Journey is completely unique and distinctively transforming. Many people experience an altered state of consciousness where access to the subconscious occurs, allowing for release of creative blocks and undesired patterns in the nervous system. Participants often report experiencing an energetic rebirthing that leaves them with less anxiety, more clarity, better sleep and feeling more in touch with their true purpose.

Other benefits of Breathwork include improved immune functioning, release of toxins, easier focus and concentration, release of stored trauma, elimination of habits, ability to self regulate under strong emotional states, deeper meditation and inner peace.

Breathwork Sessions are available in person or video chat. 

It is recommended to not eat super heavily right before arriving and not scheduling anything super stressful directly afterwards.

Dress comfortably, preferably without constrictive clothes around the abdomen or chest.

Please bring your water bottle, journal and any other item that you feel might make you more comfortable laying down.

90m 1:1 Session: $150


Program of ten 90m 1:1 sessions available at a discounted rate


Group Opportunities:

120m Session 2 people: $222 


120m Session 3-6 people: $333

120m Session 7-20 people: email directly to inquire

*Stepping forth into conscious connection with your breath is a life-shifting commitment. If you are called to do this work, do not let finances be your excuse for not moving forward. Submit your scholarship or payment plan inquiries to & let's create a session designed to remove your blocks to abundance & prosperity!

Let's Connect

Message me including what type of session you are interested in & your best availability, or feel free to ask me any question you may have.

Thanks for reaching out!

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