Below are the modalities most commonly used during our workshops and retreats.

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Transformational Breathwork is an active guided meditation that uses an open deep circular breathing pattern to energize your entire being, release toxins and increase vitality. Breathwork is an integrative practice which affects the physical, mental and emotional bodies, returning your entire being to its natural state of self healing and harmony. 

The connected breathing process is accompanied by activating music & may include physical touch, neuro-linguistic programming (positive affirmations) or vocal toning (sound) to release stagnant energy, muscular tension and emotional baggage.
Each session is completely unique and distinctively transforming. Many people experience an altered state of consciousness where access to the subconscious occurs, allowing for release of creative blocks and undesired patterns in the nervous system. Participants often report experiencing an energetic rebirthing that leaves them more in touch with their true purpose. 

YouniversalFlow Dance is inspired by 5 rhythms and ecstatic dance, to get out of the head and into the heart allowing the body to move freely and release what is inside. Through awareness, guidance, and ritual, we'll explore movement as medicine and the body as an instrument of expression. This dance is a calling to be authentically you, to break patterns, to shed layers, and to celebrate the human spirit and be in YOUR FLOW. Although some of the experience is lead, it's guided to invite in free flowing movement to strengthen the connection to your intuition which cultivates fluidity and ease into your body and ripples into everyday life. 

Ideal Life Design is a guided journaling process of Self inquiry, reflection and intention setting. Meet yourself exactly where you are with total acceptance and then clear away whatever it is that is holding you back from the life you intend to be living. Dive deep into your relationship with your Self, with others and your environment by identifying your limiting beliefs and patterns that aren't serving you anymore. Be empowered to design the life you deserve to be experiencing.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, also known as Vibrational Medicine, is an ancient practice of brain entrainment that utilizes consistent rhythm and tones which the brainwaves can attune to making it more accessible to enter Alpha, a parasympathetic nervous system state of rest and digest and even Theta, the meditative state where deep, cellular healing begins. Sound Therapy is an extremely restorative and therapeutic healing modality that anyone, at any age or background, can benefit from.