Upcoming events

February 15
Synergy Yoga & Wellness

Join Dev Shabad & Shenee Alexa as we open our hearts to experience boundless universal love.

February 29
Synergy Yoga & Wellness

Join Siri Atma Kaur & Shenee Alexa for an experience of REBIRTH.

February 16
Synergy Yoga & Wellness

Join Willow Beseda & Shenee Alexa for a special Valentine's chocolate experience as we dissolve into love for self & others.

February 28
Synergy Yoga & Wellness

Join Sara Catlett to get out of the head & into the heart allowing the body to move freely and release what is inside.

February 22
Synergy Yoga & Wellness

Join Sara Catlett & Shenee Alexa for a Self embodiment journey through movement, breath & sound vibrations as we activate the inspiration that lies within.

May 1st - 3rd
Camp Taum Sauk

Join Shenee Alexa for Transformational Breathwork at this commUNITY music + yoga festival on the Black River in Lesterville, MO. 

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