Design Your Ideal Life

When we were young, many of us were told at one time or the other that we could be anything we wanted.. and yet very few of us were equipped with any applicable tools to actually create the reality we wish we were experiencing.

Over time as we are pressured by the media, other's harsh judgments and loving opinions, we innocently lost the connection with our own unique soul & it's purpose with this life.

I cannot give you the answers of how to create the life you deserve to live,

but I will be your supportive guide as you reconnect with your own intrinsic wisdom.

Design Your Ideal Life is a 7 module Course of Lifestyle Coaching,

jam-packed with the most empowering tools I have found for creating real change & transformation.

During this course you will:


  • COMMIT to your Self growth & GET CLEAR about your intentions

  • GET REAL about which parts of your life need nurturing, and what baggage your ready to move beyond

  • Remove your major blocks in life by HEALING your issues with time, money & self image

  • Practice POWERFUL tools that actually REPROGRAM your unconscious habitual patterns

  • Implement a Daily Self Care Routine to maximize your HEALTH & whole-being HARMONY

This course includes:

  • Design Your Ideal Life Manual with guided journaling prompts & activities to help you DISCOVER your core limiting-beliefs

  • 7 Video Tutorials with exercises to further SUPPORT your process

  • 7 Downloadable Meditations that correspond with the exercises in the DYIL manual

  • 7 weeks of 'Ask Me Anything' Lifestyle Coaching via private email correspondence

  • Three Virtual Transformational Breathwork Sessions to further support your TRANSFORMATION

  • Lifetime Access to the Inspiration Activation Tribe Facebook Group for community support with other ideal life designers

  • Lifetime Access to the entire course & all included resources

I am ready for this!

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