journey into Self embodiment

Find a deeper connection between

the inner and the outer worlds 

Know your body

as an instrument of expression

feel into your sensations and interpret their wisdom

open your breath

as a tool for transformation


reconnect with your inner compass awaken dormant creativity


movement as medicine

connect with your life force

bring forth complete rejuvenation


rest and relax

return to your natural state of

Self Healing & Harmony


We envision a way of living in which the inspiration that lies within each of us is easily accessed and fully expressed.

We see the potential in each person to be joyfully fulfilling their own purpose.

We cannot tell each person how to achieve this, but we can and will guide you towards your own answers.

We have found that disconnecting from our typical routines reminds us who we actually are and how we truly intend to be living.

It is when we look within, that our intrinsic wisdom emerges and old patterns and limiting beliefs fall away naturally.

We invite you beyond your comfort zone, into the space of transformation and empowerment.

Currently based from the heart of the United States, we travel locally & internationally offering retreats, workshops and personal sessions that integrate many teachings and practices to bring you unique experiences.

We intuitively design each event to support those present, and facilitate a safe space for peoples of all skill levels,

backgrounds and beliefs to connect in community with love and acceptance.

Whether you are deeply immersed in your spiritual journey

or just trying to find your path,

we are here to support you.

Shenee Alexa is a Massage Therapist, Breathwork Facilitator, Usui Reiki Master, Pranic Healer,

Youth Mindfulness Educator & Permaculture Enthusiast.

Sara Catlett is a Yoga Teacher, YOUniversalFLOW Facilitator, Thai Bodyworker,

Women's Ceremony Facilitator, Meditation Musician, Ayurvedic Coach & Owner of Inner Alchemy CBD.

View all her personal offerings, events & classes by clicking HERE.


We do not retreat to "get-away", we retreat to come home.

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We want you to feel confident and comfortable stepping forward.

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