Transformational Breathwork


When you are inspired, your breath becomes full & expansive,

Your heart becomes activated,

Your body & mind flow as one,

You become the very essence of creativity.

​The foundational practice of the Inspiration Activation experience is a technique referred to as "conscious connected breathing". This powerful breathwork technique is an active guided meditation that uses an open, deep, circular breathing pattern to energize your entire being, while you are laying on your back. This integrative therapy affects all aspects of your being: mind, body, heart & soul, returning you to your most natural state of self healing and harmony.​ 

Each session is completely unique & distinctively transforming, thus we often call this process a Breathwork "journey". Many people experience an altered state of consciousness where access to the subconscious occurs, allowing for permanent release of creative blocks and undesired patterns in the nervous system. Participants often report experiencing an energetic rebirthing that leaves them with less anxiety, more clarity, better sleep and feeling more in touch with their life's purpose.​​

Other benefits of Breathwork include improved immune functioning, release of toxins, easier focus and concentration, release of stored trauma, elimination of habits, ability to self regulate under strong emotional states, deeper meditation and inner peace.

Your breath is your life force, therefore the quality of your breath directly relates to the quality of your life. Breathwork is a powerful tool for readjusting the lens through which you are experiencing your life and bringing you back into alignment with your truest Self.